Investing in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a country rich with opportunities for intelligent investment. The strength and potential of the Afghan economy has been well documented by the World Bank, who believe Afghanistan has the potential to maintain a high growth rate of around 9.1%, which it has maintained since 2003. International development funds have played a major role since 2001 in shaping the conditions of economic activity, with a great deal of money having been directed into reconstruction and reconciliation, through a mixture of International and Local aid agencies, and construction companies who have vied for international and government reconstruction projects. At CPAU-I we are focused on the future development and investment potential in Afghanistan. The development money has formed a solid basis of infrastructure and capacity which now, for the future sustainable development of Afghanistan must be matched and complemented by a robust and expanding Afghan economy.

CPAU-I is positioned in Afghanistan to help external investors conduct business in Afghanistan. There are many industries of growth with attractive investment opportunities, and Afghanistan needs to harness these opportunities. CPAU-I exists to facilitate and aid in this process. The Nuances of Afghanistan can be difficult to understand, from understanding the personal and financial risk of investments, finding and hiring the right staff, understanding the tax procedures. When operating in the field there are land and resource issues which can be tricky to navigate, conflict over access and right can escalate without the correct mediation, and in all these regards, CPAU-I has the resources and experience to make investing in Afghanistan a reality.

Afghanistan has many sectors which offer solid investment opportunities. A key document of private sector investment opportunities prepared by the Government of Afghanistan for the Delhi Investment Summit identified six key industries with a need for investment. These include Energy, Minerals, Transport and Infrastructure, Agriculture, Small and medium sized enterprises such as cashmere processing and carpet value chain development, and Finance and Health. In all these industries, CPAU-I can provide environment scanning reports and risk analysis, CPAU-I can talk with Afghan partners and identify areas for investment, organise visits to Afghanistan and facilitate ground level dialogue in rural Afghanistan where building positive relationships with local powerbrokers and decision makers is key to success. CPAU-I can build capacity and provide training to staff about the nature of life and business and the issues of conflicts in Afghanistan, to ensure the success of the venture.

Whatever your business, and whatever your needs in developing your organisation and your investment plan, CPAU-I is on hand to provide the support and consultancy that can make a difference. Afghanistan is a land rich with opportunity, and with CPAU-I’s help, we can help your business invest and rebuild in Afghanistan.

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